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There are three main reasons dirty screens need to be cleaned at least twice a year:

  • improving the air quality of your home,
  • they can be easily damaged if ignored,
  • and if they are dirty rain that comes against the screens will remove some of the dirt from the screens and leave dirt spots on your windows.

This is why we strongly suggest cleaning your screens if you are having your windows cleaned as well. For these reasons Woodward Window Cleaning not only cleans but also seals your screens, a service that most window cleaning companies do not provide!

Your screens, if not cleaned, collect pollen, dust, dirt, pet hair, etc.… In addition to that over time your screens are subject to sun damage such as corrosion and dry rot. This is what makes your screens over time very brittle and break. So why does our method stand out from the rest?

Our process is simple, efficient, and effective. First we remove the screens and inspect them for any damages then label them, take them outside and brush them out by hand, and then we apply a screen solution that not only cleans but acts as a sealant as well. After the water/solution mixture is applied we towel dry the screens and frames of the screens. This is absolutely the most effective way to clean screens. Not only will your screens no longer have dust and pollen on them but also the applied solution acts as a moisturizer for the screens and prevents corrosion on the frames!

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